White Hall Volunteer Fire Department

Madison County, Kentucky


Are you interested in joining our department?

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer?  If so, stop by the station any Thursday at 7pm and pick up an application, or give us a call at (859) 626-5144. You can also visit us on Facebook and shoot us a message!


Current Membership

1200 Ron Hopkins  
1202 Jeremy Greer  
1203 Ricky Greenwell  
1206 Zak Evans  
1210 William Stocker  
1252 Travis Gilliam  
1256 Erik Seaman  
1257  James Hauser  
1258 Grant Willmott  
1259 Camiel Habets  
1262 Jackson Roederer  
1263 Dwayne Taylor  
1265  Thomas VanDorpe  
1268 Joseph Carmichael  
1272 Chase Philpot  
1274 John Grygiel  
1275 Alex Buterakos  
1277 Daniel Scarlett  
1280 Mohannad Alrayes  
1281 Paige Hennigan  
1282 Austin Reid  
1284 Joseph Meade  
1286 Alecia Harlow  
1287 Allison Orlowski  
1288 Dylan Sturgell  



Auxillary Members

Pamela Hopkins

Lauren Childs

Carol Foy