Looking for information on volunteering?

If you would like to Volunteer with our department, send an email to info@whitehallfiredept.com We have Firefighter positions and Auxiliary positions available.


Chief Chris Wilson

Assist. Chief Brandon Chamalian

Capt. Dwayne Britton

Capt. David DeVinney

LT. Gabe Camberos

LT. Ricky Greenwell

Sgt. Derrick Simpson

Sgt. Kevin Manhardt

Sgt. Zachary Evans

Sgt. William Stocker

Sgt. Jeremy Greer (Training/Safety Officer)

Sgt.  William Hicks (Training Safety Officer)





Auxillary Members

Halley Reese
Jan Eggum
Samantha Hicks

Courtney Prater


~ Honorary Members ~

Danny Neil

Denver Hurd (1934 - 2009)

- Denver Hurd held positions as a Firefighter, Assistant Chief, and President of the Executive Committee before he retired from the fire department. The Whitehall Fire Department would not be what it is today without his years of service and dedication. He will be missed.

 James Cox Sr. (1943-2012)

Capt. James "Daddy" Cox Sr. served Whitehall Fire Department from 1995 until 2012.